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29 октомври 2006

How a Slovenian coach has turned Macedonia's also-rans into genuine contenders for Euro 2008.

The Macedonian national team has produced very little over the years to make the country's football fans proud . Less than a year ago we were down to 96th on the official FIFA ranking list. The team has changed managers three times in two years and aside from draws with the Netherlands and England, has a very poor qualifying record in major tournaments.

Earlier this year, Srecko Katanec was appointed national team manager. And the former Slovenian player and coach has proved that only a lack of domestic coaching talent has kept Macedonia from performing well.

In less then a year, we have beaten Ecuador and Turkey in pre-World Cup friendlies and have collected seven points from our first four Euro 2008 qualifiers. Katanec has kept the same players but implemented a new on-field and training strategy that has improved results.

Away victories in Estonia and Andorra and a draw at Old Trafford represent an impressive away record. Our next game is at home to Russia - and if we win, we will be top of our group ahead of Croatia, England, Israel and Russia.

Katanec performed miracles in helping Slovenia to qualify for Euro 2000 and the 2002 World Cup. Now the whole Macedonian nation is hoping for a miracle against Russia on November 15.


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